Secrets of the Skies

Hullo :)

Anonymous asked: She said even I must find you attractive. (Again, the "even callie" thing that I still haven't figured out)

Haha nice. Im glad you could tell her what for.

Anonymous asked: I like Zoe. She is an "independent business owner." that just sounds as cool as riding a horse bareback or drinking black coffee.

Me to. I would totally have to agree.

Anonymous asked: It is a good thing. Though sometimes I feel like people douby my sincerity in both those statements . . . well, not Mallory in particular, but girls in particular. Marah accused me of something last night, so I just said some disparaging remark and she stopped talking. :p

Hmm why? Oh. What did she say?

Anonymous asked: And, no, I'm not attracted to you or Mallory.

Good thing ;]

Anonymous asked: That's exactly what mal would say lol but that is NOT how you make friends. that is how you annoy everyone else in a yogurt shop.

I’m messing with you haha. No its not… Ha! Well, I was really just enjoying myself. It had been quite a while since id seen Zoe. So yeah.

Anonymous asked: lol no that is the Mallory that is engaged. I don't want to interfere with your blossoming love life anymore anyways. You're both complete magnets to the opposite sex (except for me, both of you . . . I mean lesbians hit on poor mal all the time,) you both have terribly flirty personalities, and I can hardly have a good conversation about lit with either of you. Oh, and both of you take me as I am.

Ahh that one haha. Oh thank you Callie… Lol. Why thank you, I guess? So you aren’t attracted to me. Haha totally! That’s how you make friends. Ehh yeah I don’t care about all that’s as much as you :P yes, very true…

Anonymous asked: I'm wasn't aware you were really listening to my conversation with Stephy the writer. I mean, I knew you were listening but not that closely. You know what I just realized? You have a lot of traits similar to one of my best friends Mallory. I don't know why I make friends with these types of people.

Haha trust me if I’m not in a conversation then I’m listening to one. I always listen… Haha the same mallory you want me to get with? Haha idk maybe you are drawn to our type.

Anonymous asked: You? Telling me the truth? Impossible . . . I dare you.

Ha! Well maybe sometime in person. I loved your answer to Stephy when she asked if you blogged! Bahaha priceless.

Anonymous asked: Have you decided what kind of life you want? I mean I well rounded conceptual vision? Relationships are only a part of that.

Yes, I think so. I would be happy and successful in a number of different visions I have for my future so yeah.

Anonymous asked: How dare you say I don't know as much as I think I do. I hate it when people say that. Which just goes to show how young and arrogant I am, but still. really.

Haha!! Well maybe the truth hurts :P I might tell you more sometime if I feel like it…